Have you ever thought about what the future lies ahead for our children? In a world where technology is slowly taking over, the marriage of innovation  education and  social issues is the future, a generation of hope, knowledge sharing and opportunities. All over the world, reported rates of Autism are on the rise, funding for this segment is on the decline, and sadly, in some countries, non existent.

Too often it is government policies, limited resources, little education for teachers that limit the broader uptake of new technologies, if we can accept the need of digital media literacy, we can create and distribute much needed Autism Education Materials, not just at home, but around the world, providing access to even those living in rural communities, helping to break cultural barriers, pushing the boundaries on social stigma while educating those that are often overlooked and creating Autism Awareness.

Our economies can no longer be fuelled by public spending for growth, the future lies in the merging of innovation and education, not a easy challenge by any means, children that are not educated to their full potential, will not be able to contribute to the productivity of the new world technology brings, by investing and focusing on education we can collectively create a more educated society, bring the underemployed into the workforce and increase over all happiness, a factor that cannot be overlooked in the new emerging future.

As a parent with a child with special needs, I spent countless days downloading apps, making education materials, researching, advocating, buying materials, an exhausting task that left me tired and depressed.  It was my vision to create a functional education curriculum for an inclusive society, heart broken by government policies, teacher unions that block the growth of our children, I decided I had to do something, by looking at those who have it right, like Khan Academy, understanding their success, and creating what I could on the budget available to me, Able2learn was formed out of necessity.  Able2learn materials are now all  FREE, a recent change,   with 1000’s of downloads from all over the world, from as far away as India, Europe, Africa and North America, small villages around the world I have never heard of,  our reach is far and wide, regardless of culture, traditions and stigma, these materials can be used by any child who could benefit from a visual curriculum,  those in rural communities, the underprivileged, and those learning English as a second language. Visit our site, download and get started, or contribute education  materials that you have made to share with countless teachers, therapists and families around the world, not everyone is able to access materials or has the financial means, write for our blog, share the website and, spread knowledge, lets help  children around the world collectively to enter the new world of technology by increasing the access to education and giving them a chance to contribute to their countries  productivity. The combination of  social issues, education and innovation can be very powerful.

Autism does not have to mean there is no hope, there is always hope, we have to think differently, be innovative, have courage, provide accommodations and believe in our children.

Follow our Autism Blog for regular updates, and don’t forget to visit our Autism Education Resources website for Free Printable Worksheets.

Click here for more on Printable Worksheets for Autism Cooking and Autism Education Resources and Free ABA Resources. Teach your child to cook  with our picture recipes, there free, made by me in my home for all parents, public school teachers to teach our children  essential skills.

13 Year old Niam Jain Autism Artist created this beautiful work of art, check out his gallery at www.niamjain.com, next time you have to give a gift think of Niam.

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